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Ban Jumps Racing

Ban Jumps Racing Protest

Saturday 29th August at the Morphettville racecourse 11.30 am. Meet at the main entrance off Anzac Highway near the tram stop.

The racing industry makes claims that jumps racing prolongs the lives of racehorses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter. This is an indictment of an industry that uses and abuses horses as disposable commodities. Jumps horses are raced in long, exhausting contests of up to 5.5 kms and have to jump as many as 33 hurdles, at speed.

Horses often stumble and fall, sustaining shocking injuries, and have to be killed on the tract. Two out of three jumps horses disappear from the track each year, because of injuries they receive during the races or training. Or they are considered be unprofitable because they cannot run fast enough to win.

Jumps racing is the only "sport" that has an acceptable death rate for its competitors.

The fashion, champagne and gambling may seem exciting for the crowd, but the horses are racing for their lives. The secrecy and shame of the industry, that plays Russian Roulette with these intelligent animals, whose entire lives are a series of unrelenting and dangerous challenges.

Jumps racing is only held in South Australia and Victoria, it has been stopped in all other states. 

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