Animal Liberation's Mission Statement


The Mission Statement of Animal Liberation Inc SA is to speak up for animals and to eliminate their harmful exploitation by humans. Animals are individuals with feelings and lives of their own, who deserve our respect. As the slogan says, "Animals are not ours to eat, wear or experiment on."

Certainly we can interact with animals and even benefit from them, as long as it is not harmful to them. There is no reason why we can't have guide dogs, for example, if they are well looked after for their entire lives.

Some people call themselves animal lovers, but are only really concerned about companion animals..

Some people call themselves conservationists, and are only concerned about endangered species.

Animal Liberation, on the other hand, is concerned about all animals. We are just as concerned about fish as about dolphins, and just as concerned about pigs as about dogs and cats. They all have feelings, and they all deserve respect and consideration.

When people think of cruelty, they often think of a person starving or beating an animal. In other words, they think of actions that are against the law.

They may also think about things done by other nations, such as whaling, hunting, bear farming, bull fighting, or clubbing seal pups.


Animal Liberation has actively campaigned against the sale of fur in local retail shops, maintained pressure against the jumps racing industry in South Australia, influenced the Adelaide Hills Council through our campaign against a Rodeo held at Lobethal, reminded circus goers that their entertainment cost far more than the price of a ticket, and had a significant public presence as we focused the Ban Live Export campaign on South Australian ports.


Animal Liberation events vary greatly depending on the time of year and audience. We organised a Walk for the Animals and hosted  quiz nights. Our popular afternoon teas for members and friends include films pertaining to animal issues. health and the environment. Cooking demonstrations will continue with the aim of providing inspirational motivation for a healthy vegan lifestyle.


Outreach is a very important part of Animal Liberation’s activities.  We have a table at many stalls where we provide advice and fliers, as well as offering an excellent selection of books, t-shirts, stickers and other merchandise for sale.  The vegan flashmobs have been a great success as shoppers are randomly entertained by large fury animals dancing to lively music in the city center while helpers hand out leaflets and booklets on living a cruelty free life.  Its a positive way of getting a positive message across.